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Please Join Me On Booktalk Nation – April 29

Hi everyone, I’d like to invite you to an event next Monday, April 29.

At 7 PM Eastern Time I’ll be a guest on Booktalk Nation, discussing the book, and whatever questions people (you!) submit.  I’ll be interviewed by Karen Holt from O Magazine.  In a few email exchanges, Karen has already made me laugh more than I’m used to, so I think we’ll have a fun conversation.

How you can participate

Here’s my Author Page on Booktalk Nation. If you enter an email address below the calendar on the left side of the screen, you’ll be sent the information about how you can listen to the interview. The talks generally last about 30 minutes. 

Inscribed books

If you order an inscribed book through the website, they are sold through the King’s English Bookshop, a store here in Salt Lake.  A couple of days later I’ll go up to the store, sign the books with the messages you request, and the King’s English will ship them to you.  I’m looking forward to seeing the requests.

Once I ordered a signed book from Chuck Palahniuk through Powell’s in Portland. He ignored my inscription (I won’t tell you what it was) and wrote, Josh, finish your book or I’ll kill you!!!  It was appropriate, since the book I ordered was Haunted.

Booktalk Nation has a great lineup of authors, and Mary Roach is tonight!  I’m very excited to be part of this and hope you’ll drop by to chat.

Let me know if you’ve got questions! If I can’t answer them, I’ll still get an answer for you.

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