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Two Book Reviewers Worth Reading

Once in a while I get an email that says something like, “You’re not a very good literary critic.”

This is both true and irrelevant to me.  I’m not trying to write real criticism, either positive or negative.  Readers will know that I generally talk about what I like, give some reasons for why I like it, and then the conversation starts.  The book talk is what I really like.  I read a lot and all I’m really interested in is helping readers find new books to try.

But if you’re looking for real book reviews, there are a couple I follow who I like for very different reasons.

1. Dead White Guys: An Irreverent Guide To Classic Literature.  

Meet Amanda Nelson. She makes me laugh every day.  I can’t say that about enough people.  And buried in the snark, she writes real book reviews.  She knows what she loves, what she hates, and is happy to tell you why and back it up with a sheaf of reasons.

2. Roof Beam Reader

Adam is a really, really smart person, a real intellectual, and he reads like crazy.  And he writes the sorts of reviews that I really get something out of, so please check him out.  One of my favorites out there in book-blog land.

Go forth and enjoy.


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