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The Stereotypical Freaks by Howard Shapiro

2012-10-07-the_stereotypical_freaksI don’t read many graphic novels, but whenever someone recommends one to me and says “I think you will like this, because I know you,” I read it.

Someone who knew I had been in some truly awful garage bands recommended The Stereotypical Freaks to me.    I have real soft spot for recreations of High School, and that’s what I got here.

Freaks is about a group of kids that don’t fit in.  I was one of those kids, or, I liked to think I was.  I also listened to and loved just about every song discussed in the book (the chapters are kind of like a playlist, a charming touch).

These misfits make their way to a battle of the bands that reminded me very much of a battle of the bands that I played in (we lost).  

Every time I read a graphic novel, I wish I had a better understanding of art. I really like the art in Stereotypical Freaksbut am helpless to explain why, or what it is that I enjoy about it.

Howard Shapiro is a great talent, and getting to know him is yet one more perk I’ve gotten out of this goofy blog.

Thanks Howard!

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