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Fiction by Denis Johnson

Train_Dreams-Denis-JohnsonDenis Johnson has been one of my favorite writers since stumbling onto Jesus’ Son about 10 years ago.  Not everyone loves him, but for better or worse, I don’t think anyone else writes the way Johnson does.

When I read Train Dreams, Johnson’s latest, I came to my blog to see if I had listed it yet.  I was embarrassed to see I didn’t have a Denis Johnson page at all, so here we are.

If you’re not sure where to jump in, here is a list of Johnson’s novels and short stories, in chronological order.  I’m not going to add the poetry collections yet because I’m not familiar with them.



The Stars At Noon

Resuscitation Of A Hanged Man

Jesus’ Son (short stories) 

Already Dead: A California Gothic

The Name of The World

Tree of Smoke (National Book Award Winner)

Nobody Move

Train Dreams

I’ll be working on reviews of each of these titles starting soon.  If you’d like to help out, please contact me.

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