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Tourette’s – The Ultimate Aphrodisiac

For all for of your Tourettics out there who despair of finding love, take a look at this entry from Postsecret:



I imagine there are those who will disagree.  There may be some who suggest that Tourette’s does not turn one into a sexual Tyrannosaur.  They may say it’s obnoxious, irritating, and tiresome.

Ignore them.  There’s at least one person out there who disagrees, and isn’t it always easier to believe the person who tells you you’re great?

And if you haven’t heard of Postsecret, that link will take you to a review I wrote a while back.

PS: thanks for sending me this photo, Michael Golrick.


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  • Michael Golrick January 29, 2013, 12:29 pm

    Thanks for the thanks!

    I have heard Frank Warren speak (more than 5 years ago, in St. Paul MN). He is a powerful speaker, driven by the huge volume of secrets he gets. It is interesting how secrets lose their power over you when you tell them.