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Speaking Update and Announcement – Penguin Speaker’s Bureau

Hi everyone, just a quick update.

I’ve gotten a few emails about speaking recently, so it’s probably high-time I announce this.

I’m now being represented by the Penguin Speakers Bureau.  Most of my engagements will now run through:

Tiffany Tomlin



But even though Ms. Tomlin will be running point, I still get to see every offer.  I can accept the engagements I want.  If you have a proposal that doesn’t fit with all of Penguin’s requirements–fee, topic, etc–I have a non-exclusive contract and we may be able to work something out.  So if you have any interest in having me speak for you, please ask, don’t decide it won’t happen until we talk first.

I’ll be linking to to my official page once they’ve built it.





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