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Bad Dream – Stephen King and the Freezing Wind

I don’t remember my dreams often, and when I do they’re usually just strange, not bad. But last night was something worth sharing for Octoberfest.

In the dream, I was with my wife.  Someone handed us a piece of paper with a nearly legible address on it.  I knew that we were trying to get to Stephen King’s house, and this paper had our directions.

To get there we had to take a little boat up a dirty river.  The wind was frigid and there were pale white fish swimming on both sides of the boat. 

We finally reached a row of houses and looked at the smudged piece of paper.  We couldn’t make out the numbers so we had to guess at which house’s address looked the closest.  We wound up inside of a dark mansion–we let ourselves in–and started exploring.

Floor after floor, nothing, nobody.  Not a sound.  We weren’t scared, just curious.

At the top floor we entered a large room with a table in its center.  On the table was a rabbit with an abnormally huge mouth.  It was either stuffed or immobile, and crammed into its mouth was a massive candle. While we stood there, starting at last to get scared, the rabbits eyes rolled and looked at us.

We ran.  We never found Stephen King.  I have no idea what else happened, but I woke up shivering a bit and wondered why I can’t run into more sexy woman while I’m asleep.

Anyone care to share a nightmare?

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  • Misty October 18, 2012, 5:54 am

    For me, if I remember my dreams, 99% of them will be unpleasant, if not outright nightmare quality. Last night I had a third-person view watching my ailing body barely standing in place, waiting to get put onto the operating table for some procedure. I’m glad I don’t remember much beside that!

    Yours is pretty darn cool, good story material 😀