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The Cabin In the Woods – Brilliant Horror Movie

Without question, the strangest movie I’ve seen this year is The Cabin In the Woods. It’s also the most fun I’ve had watching a movie.

Some of the movie got spoiled for me in the previews, but not as much as I suspected.  I’m going to tell you as little as possible, so if you haven’t seen the previews, just go watch it.

This is a horror movie made by people who love horror movies.  It serves as a brilliant homage while simultaneously taking the slasher film in a new direction. And before this movie, had you asked me if there were any new directions for horror films to go in, I probably would have said no.

Well, color me wrong, and happily so.

If you really want to know something about the plot, here goes: several attractive young people go to a cabin in the woods.  Of course the cabin is full of creepy old photos, journals, snow globes, paintings one way mirrors, etc.  Soon they’re all fighting for their lives against…well, that’s where I have to stop.

A few other notes.

  • Cabin in the Woods has what might be my favorite opening sequence of all time
  • I have never laughed so much during a horror movie
  • The Merman.  Wow, the merman.
  • I’ve never been the shrillest Joss Whedon advocate, but wow I love this movie
  • The final 30 minutes were an absolute blast of frantic weirdness
  • Anything that nods to HP Lovecraft and beaked and tentacled beasts is a plus
  • No matter how many roles I see Bradley Whitform in, I always see him as Mike from Adventures in Babysitting
  • I would have bet on the unicorn

Go see it.  Run, don’t walk.

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  • Misty October 12, 2012, 10:01 am

    I have never laughed so much in the theatre as when I saw Cabin in the Woods. Great movie! I had no pre-conceptions about it when I went in; I figured it would be a standard horror flick.

    One of my mom’s friends was really upset by the movie, and when I said I had laughed through it, she honestly wondered how someone could laugh at people doing such things!