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I Might Be the Next Honey Boo Boo – TV Casting Interview Tonight

Update: The interview went really well.  I’ll update you once I hear something. 

Hey gang, I’m interrupting the October Horrorfest, which I started early anyway, for one day, to bring you an announcement that might have some import, or zero import.

I’ve been contacted by a casting director who is helping develop a documentary series about adults living with Tourette Syndrome.  I don’t have much by way of details yet, and won’t unless they actually pick me.

We had a nice chat last night, and tonight is a more formal casting interview. I have no idea how likely it is that I’ll be involved, but you know me: just about everything I do is driven by the terror of boredom, and this certainly doesn’t sound boring.

Whatever you believe about the Big Picture, spend the day praying/thinking/manifesting for me, so I can keep my wits and avoid becoming the next Honey Boo Boo Child.

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  • steve September 24, 2012, 2:50 pm

    Good luck, Josh. We need more stuff about/for adults with TS. You are a great spokesperson. I was just catching up (waaaay late) w/some of your later TS posts and one really hit me–you at the conference, which was being recorded. The only thing worse than having vocal tics is hearing them during home movies, etc. I have 2 lovely girls and there are times I don’t film family events because I know I will ruin them by grunting into the microphone. (I’m 41 and my tics aren’t disappearing. I was promised a disappearing!) Anyway, give ’em hell.

  • Heather September 24, 2012, 4:34 pm

    Good luck, Josh! That’s awesome! I hope you get the gig! Finally! A show worth watching that doesn’t involve a Kardashian! The last time I saw anything about Tourette’s was some sort of craziness over at National geographic Channel, on their show Taboo. It didn’t do Tourette’s any justice at all, and I was somewhat offended that they considered it a “taboo” type of BEHAVIOR, when I don’t think that’s what it is at all. Nat Geo got it wrong. Here’s to hoping YOU get to right that wrong with this show! So go get ’em, Hanagarne BooBoo!

  • Susan September 25, 2012, 8:08 am


    I think this is great and a great opportunity to educate those who need it, but do you REALLY need another job? We don’t want to lose you as our favorite librarian/author/strongman/rock thrower.

    • Josh Hanagarne September 25, 2012, 8:36 am

      I’m not going anywhere. I’m determined to do everything adequately, and nothing well, and so far I’m succeeding.

  • Jen Hinderer September 27, 2012, 9:35 am

    You are witty and brave and deserve to be part of the series: I hope “they” choose to include you!

    And my sincere apologies for the gales of laughter after I read this post, picturing you plopped down in the world of Honey Boo-Boo had me in stitches. (seriously though, you are way too articulate and physically fit to fit in with her crowd). I have watched a few minutes of that show and it is horribly mesmerizing: so in that way this post is actually in keeping with the Horrorfest theme.

    • Josh Hanagarne September 27, 2012, 10:15 am

      You know, that is one of the reasons I’m not going to try it. I think I’d sit down to watch it, and just keep watching.

  • Lisa Kerr September 27, 2012, 8:46 pm

    That’s awesome! Can’t wait to hear how it goes. They’ve definitely checked out who YOU are (social media posts/this blog) and know what they see in you. They like you, so don’t worry about being who you aren’t. (Except that things will get sensationalized without you always catching it first round. You can’t change that–it’s in your future contract toward the end. ;p)

    If you need the name of an entertainment lawyer experienced with TV, I’ll pass mine along to you, or if you the name of 10 others I interviewed who are also qualified (no kidding!). I went through something similar this year–depending on the production company and network, there can be quite a few curve balls and they may work very differently than you and me (aka, in some cases very unethically; in other cases, honest and fair.).

  • Ara Bedrossian October 9, 2012, 6:33 am

    Driven by the terror of boredom. I love it.
    Good luck!