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Oafing it up at my Second Highland Games, Spokane

Hey everyone, I’m sitting in an airport in Portland, and just like the last time I wrote from an airport in Portland, there is a piano player somewhere tinkling away at Coldplay, pouring out his heart with profound sensitivity.  Napping thus being out of the question, I’m writing this update.

I moved up a division in the Highland Games yesterday, competing in the B class.  It was a huge jump in competition, but I won handily.  I won the medal over on the right. I won a commemorative mug that I’ll use for everything I drink, from now on.  And I won $50, so now I’m going to put “professional athlete” on my library resume.  With an asterisk pointing to a footnote that says “he only won $50.”

It’s fun to be a raw beginner because with two weeks of practice, you can suddenly be twice as good as you were.

There were lots of competitors, it was really hot, it was really fun, and I still don’t get why throwers have to scream every time they throw, particularly when they’re throwing 40′ shorter than everyone else.  Perhaps I’m not supposed to get it.

Also, there sure was a lot of whining about how tall I am.  Not sure what I’m supposed to do about that…besides WIN.   I’m not going to throw from my knees just so someone else can experience the glory of a commemorative mug that says Amateur B Class Champion!

Next up is a games in Utah in September.  I’ll move up to the A class and hopefully be in the middle of the pack.  We shall see.

Here’s a pic from the hammer throw, where I put about 50 feet on my previous best.  (those kinds of jumps certainly won’t last)

And now, off to find this piano player and ask him to dry his eyes and be quiet for a while.

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  • Todd August 6, 2012, 7:57 am

    That’s awesome sauce! Nice work, Josh. Be sure to add the Professional Athlete to your speaking resume as well.

  • Spencer August 6, 2012, 10:23 am

    Asking you to be less tall is like asking you to be less awesome. Not going to happen. Congrats on the win!

    • Spencer August 6, 2012, 10:25 am

      I think the shorter throwers yell for the same reason some gym rats have their arms held out from their bodies by invisible lat muscles.

    • Josh Hanagarne August 6, 2012, 10:49 am

      Oh, it’s easy to be less awesome.