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If Your Back Hurts and You Sit In a Chair All Day (like me)

If your goal was to design a chair that would hurt my back (if that is your goal, you’re a wretched worm), you would invent something like the employee chairs at my library.

I don’t expect anyone to design anything with the tall, broad, and awesome in mind.  It wouldn’t make financial sense. But I don’t want going to work to hurt either.

I have an office job.

Offices have chairs. Many chairs hurt my back.

Back pain is insidious and difficult to ignore. It creeps into everything. I file it next to tooth and eye pain on the spectrum of pains that I can’t get out of my mind when they’re happening.

Here’s how I get around it. If your back hurts, these options are no risk, high reward.

1. Move around more

This is obvious. It’s so obvious that I ignored it and spent too much time sitting. Now I get up every 10 minutes and walk, twist, do leg swings if I’ve got the space and the privacy, etc. It helps.

2. Sit less

See number one. But also, just standing at a workstation makes me feel better than sitting, even if I’m too busy to move around.

3. New chair

I brought my “Fortitude II” office chair from home. It has the most ridiculous product description on earth–you’d think this chair would change your life, deliver lovely women to your doorstep, end world hunger, make you rich, and install you as the CEO of at least 1o Fortune 500 companies.

I’ll spare you the hyperbole but it’s comfortable. And it’s big. And it makes me feel good when I sit in it at work. I don’t know why I waited this long. My aches and pains–at least those from having to sit for hours every day in the abominable library chairs–all went away.

This stuff is all obvious. And yet, I managed to ignore it all and went through more pain than I needed to. Stupid.

And seriously, if you ever see the Fortitude 2 in an Officemax, read the description. We actually cut the description out of the cardboard box and taped it to the wall, but it fell off and so is lost to me forever.

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  • Daisy June 23, 2012, 10:16 am

    I teach online, which means lots of sitting time and screen time. One of our teachers wrote a wellness grant for exercise bands and then taught us back exercises. It was a good investment!