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Strength Training Log – 4/9/2012 – Axle Cleans, Back Squats

Had an easy night tonight, just trying to get better at some movements.

Barbell back squats: 10 sets of 5 with 225. Nice and steady, just working on the groove.

Cleans with the Submit Strength Axle (2″ fat bar): 215 by 15 singles. I want to make a 3″ bar. It’s harder to drop the fat bar into the rack comfortably (so far), so I’m trying to smooth out the landing. We’ll see what happens.

Bent pressing felt good, so I also threw in a bunch of reps with kettlebells. Worked up to the 48 kilo bell on the right, and the 40kg bell on the left.

Lifted a couple of stones, walked around, and that was that. A good, easy night.

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