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Pudzianowski, Savickas, and the Atlas Stones Event

I’ve been doing a lot of stone lifting yet, but last week was my first chance to actually mess around with some Atlas stones. The stone are named after the burden that Atlas the titan was forced to shoulder.

The stones that you see Pudzianowski and Savickas lifting in the video aren’t quite as heavy as the heavens and earth, but they’re no joke, especially for how fast these guys are moving.

The biggest Atlas stone I’ve been able to try was only 230 lbs. That’s not a lot of weight to lift on a bar, but trying to pick it up in the form of a slick, round rock is a challenge.

I have natural stones I lift that are heavier than this, but are easier to grip, even though their irregular shape makes them more challenging once I get them in the squat or rack position. It actually takes a lot of forearm strength to be able to squeeze the Atlas stones to the point where you can stand up with them instead of just having them drop through your arms.

Anyway, strong stuff. I love the World’s Strongest Man events.

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