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Weird and Wonderful: The Stories of Arthur Machen


Arthur Machen, author of The Great God Pan

Arthur Machen was an interesting fellow. He’d have to be–no boring sort was going to write something like The Great God Pan or The White People.

I first heard of him when I read Pan in a horror anthology. Later, during a stretch when I read just about everything by HP Lovecraft, his essay Supernatural Horror in literature praised Machen as one of horror fiction’s modern masters.

I would later find him praised by Stephen King, Peter Straub, and countless other modern horror writers.

Then it was on. I grabbed everything I could find and started reading. Machen rarely disappoints.

If you’re into the Weird Tales type of horror/supernatural story that Lovecraft was is so famous for, I think you’ll find something to like in just about any of the genre stuff Machen wrote. I’m not familiar with his other works about mysticism, Celtic mythology, or his music, but his horror stories are as good as it gets.

Start with The Great God Pan. If you like that, I’d predict that you’ll enjoy his other eerie stories.

Seriously, Pan made me so nervous I felt sick the first time I read it. I was 20. Fantastic stuff.


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