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Strong Women, Oxford Commas, and Trouser Talk: Interview with Nikki Groom

Nikki Groom

Nikki Groom, about to write an Oxford comma

This is an interview with Nikki Groom, whom I had heard wonderful things about from many of my online hooligans. When I decide to interview someone–assuming they agree to it–I generally go read their site/book/whatever they’ve got and just write down questions as they occur to me. Below is the results of this fairly random process. Nikki uses words like ‘furore’ which was enough to convince me that I wanted to talk to her more.


Josh: Nikki, thank you for being here and classing up this shabby place. Please tell everyone a little bit about you and your work. Who are you, what do you do, and why do you hope that people will pay attention?

Nikki: I write heart-centered digital copy for extraordinary women entrepreneurs. Women who do work that is unprecedented, that breaks the rules. Women who lead with authenticity and compassion. Women who realize that the key to maximizing their income potential lies in focusing their time and energies on the things that bring them joy, instead of spending hours and hours trying to craft the perfect copy. It can be difficult to delegate, but my business is all about building relationships with my clients, growing trust, and optimizing their brand potential. It’s frustrating when you see entrepreneurs with so much to offer trying to do everything themselves and not allowing anyone else access to their passion projects. It’s just not the best use of their time.

J: Why focus on women? Do you have any male clients?

N: Women have gotten a raw deal of things over the years in terms of their earning potential. That’s why it’s been encouraging to see more and more women launching online gigs in recent times: They’re taking things into their own hands and empowering themselves through business.

That said, women do have a habit of getting in their own way when it comes to earning the really big bucks. It’s hard for us to adjust to the notion that it’s okay to be ambitious and amass wealth for ourselves. It requires some shifts in our thinking. It excites me to work with women who are confident and driven, who know where they want to show up in the world, and who go after it with guns blazing; no apologies.

I don’t currently work with any male clients but I do hang out with some awesome copywriters online who I could refer them to in a jiffy.

J: I have to say that I think copywriting would bore me to tears. Or to death. What can you possibly enjoy about it? Is it the fame and glory?

N: Josh, I wish you would just come right out and say what you think. Cut the BS and call a spade a spade, for gawd’s sake.

Seriously, I hate how generic “copywriter” sounds. If we’re going to use labels, I prefer word crafter or digital scribe. Of course, these are all just different ways of saying the same thing. I’m a writer. And I’m wildly in love with writing. It’s my heart-plucked calling. When you’re passionate about something or someone, you don’t care how often they wake you up in the middle of the night, you don’t care how often you have to sacrifice yourself to serve their needs. You see where I’m going with this?

J: What do you wish everyone knew about you?

N: That I am never, ever offended when someone impersonates my English accent. In fact, I love it.

J: Why the obsession with oxford commas?

N: I’m actually poking fun at the recent furore over Oxford University ditching them from their Style Guide. And me, as I can’t write a list sentence without using them. It’s what separates us from the animals, don’t you know.

J: If you could snap your fingers and choose one thing that women could change in order to be more successful, what would it be?

N: Their relationship with money. And I’m talking about that same shift in thinking, that recognition of their worth, that unapologetic ambition. Because when you understand that you’re deserving and you’re in a position where you’re not reaping the rewards that are rightfully yours – the benefits or the money or the perks – you’ll do what you can to change that. Whether that’s changing up jobs or starting out with your own side hustle or educating yourself on how best to invest.

J: How about for men? How can they help? What are they doing wrong, in your opinion?

N: There are definitely stereotypes that still need to be overcome in the workplace. But, instead of dwelling on them, I think the best thing any man can do is to be supportive of the woman in his life, especially if she’s launching a solo endeavor or venturing into entrepreneurship for the first time. Listen, give advice when it’s asked for, and be prepared to gently coax her away from her laptop when she’s starting to look cross eyed. Contrary to popular belief, us women are pretty basic creatures when it comes to what we need from our male counterparts.

J: What advice would you give to yourself if you could meet you from 10 years ago?

N: Now there’s a question. 10 years ago, I was 21… So I guess I’d tell myself to value myself more, to treat others as I would want to be treated, and to take better care of my cash.

J: How do you define success?

N: Emotional stability and financial security.

J: Are you ever going to move back to England? What are the best and worst parts of living in America?

N: I can’t answer honestly without upsetting my mum. As for the best parts: summer days on Block Island beaches, wintry nights tucked up in New Hampshire, my Man and my Schnoodle, Samson. The worst parts? The price of gas, the political brouhaha, and your insistence on calling trousers “pants”.

J: They are pants, Nikki. That’s why we call them pants. This isn’t Sherwood Forest.  Now I’m going to wrap this up before you can respond. Thanks again.

You can visit Nikki at her blog where, as promised, she’s all about extraordinary writing for extraordinary women. She’s also on Twitter.

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  • Nikki April 16, 2012, 11:01 am

    Ha! Love the picture caption. And- I’m so dying to retort following the Sherwood Forest quip, but I shall refrain. You are safe for now… 🙂

    • Josh Hanagarne April 16, 2012, 11:13 am

      Go ahead and retort. I suppose I’m asking for it.

      • Nikki April 16, 2012, 3:10 pm

        I lied. I got nuthin’.

  • Amber McCue April 16, 2012, 7:24 pm

    I am with you all the way on the oxford comma.

  • Noch Noch | be me. be natural. April 18, 2012, 3:44 am

    oxford comma rules!

  • Daisy April 18, 2012, 5:40 pm

    Sigh. If only we had do-overs… if only…