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What I Do With a 35 lb Kettlebell


You can do a lot with a light kettlebell

I have a nice little family of kettlebells living in our living room for the winter. When we have guests, they (the bells, not the guests), are a great conversation starter. Once I explain a little bit about Russian kettlebells, the hype, the myth, and of course, all the reasons why I love them, one common question is:

What do you do with that little one? By little one they’re referring to the 35 lb kettlebell down on the end. It doesn’t look that imposing set next to the 48 kilo bell, or even the 32, but I still get plenty of use out of it.

Here are my favorite exercises and movement with a lighter kettlebell:

Kettlebell Windmill

Kettlebell push press for high reps

I do these fast and I do a lot of them when I decide to work this movement. This is my preferred kb weight for this exercise.

Fast kettlebell snatching (another Steve Cotter clip–I love the guy)

That’s just three examples of what you can do with a 16 kilo kettlebell, but anything is fair game. There are many ways to scale a workout. Playing around with the resistance level, or starting very light, is perfectly fine. Don’t get pushed into doing anything too heavy, sooner than you are comfortable with.

And of course, a lighter weight is ideal for learning whatever form will work best for your body and its needs.

Oh, and the kettlebell halo works pretty well with this weight also.
Image credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/vinszent/

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