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Random Thoughts From Last Week

Last week I turned 34 and had my first speaking engagement in Texas. I met a lot of great people and saw some enormous bangs and belt buckles. It was fun, humbling, and with the exception of the cramped flights, a joy.

Random thoughts:


I got asked to sign some programs after the talk. This was exhilarating and slightly unnerving. I think it has something to do with the book deal. I have seemingly been invested with the power to create sentimental objects and possible collectibles. Or something. Also, my penmanship is a horror.

Cookies and soda

There was a self-replenishing table of them both in the hotel lobby, free to all conference-goers. I ate like an absolute hog and felt horrible. No surprises there.

Genuine blueberry jam

A woman gave me a jar from her garden. If doing crack feels any better than eating real jam I’d be surprised.


I love them. I almost always love meeting new people.

It’s not your fault

In my talk I mentioned that when my son began having tics I felt an irrational sense of guilt. I ruined him. It’s my fault. He’s imperfect because of my genetics. Many parents of kids with disabilities approached me afterward and said “thank you. We have felt the exact same way.” To them, and to myself: it’s not our fault. Every parent probably feels some responsibility for their kid’s challenges, but there’s nothing useful about blaming ourselves for their genetics. What’s done is done. How will we help them move forward?


Putting them together, minding all those zillions of details, looks like an absolute nightmare.

Wonder and worry

Pure wonder produces questions. Worry and “what if?” can seem like wonder, but if it doesn’t galvanize it’s just stressful hand wringing. I’m getting better at asking questions that lead somewhere than worrying about things I can’t change.


I read two of them in my hotel. What a heavenly day that was.The latest Jack Reacher novel, The Affair, is good.


It sucks. My neck hurts.


It has been very good to my sore neck.


I am drinking 1.5 gallons per day. I have never felt better and I have never consistently even gotten half of that per day.

Belt buckles

The bigger the better.

Fitness on the go

When my hotel’s fitness room has about a dozen lbs of weights in it, I find somewhere to do pullups or pushups. I would rather eat charcoal (or just go for a walk) than step onto a treadmill.

Eye contact

Makes it way easier to sneak candy into a movie. If they’re looking in your eyes, they’re not looking at your bulging pockets.

Hugo by Martin Scorcese

Best movie I’ve seen this year. Absolutely perfect.

Sister Wives

After my talk a group of women (It is possible that they were blind) said “Hey can we be sister wives with your wife and come home with you?” I said I would call Janette. She said “Tell them to get them away from you.”

Sorry ladies.




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  • Jeanette December 6, 2011, 11:38 pm

    Josh, I love your random thoughts! That’s actually the how I describe my blog….which I don’t write in that often, which is not to say that I don’t think very much….
    A couple of days ago my daughter was leaping forward a few years in her mind, and was worrying about having kids that could turn out to have Anxiety, Autism, or Tourette’s, because that’s what she does- Worry, not Wonder. We had a great talk about it, and about how (Forrest Gump reference here) kids are like a box of chocolates and you just don’t know what you’re going to get.
    Also, we didn’t know about Autism, Tourette, etc., until after our kids were born so I just spent the first few years of my daughter’s life thinking I was a terrible mother. Thank goodness for folks out there like you who are getting the word out.