My New Favorite Picture Book – Tuesday by David Wiesner

Tuesday by David Wiesner

Tuesday by David Wiesner

Tuesday by David Wiesner has been around since 1991, but I saw it for the first time yesterday. I like having a son who is at picture book age. He brought Tuesday home from preschool. I can’t remember the last time a book actually made me laugh out loud, and the last time it happened, it probably wasn’t a picture book.

Tuesday starts with a bunch of frogs sitting on lily pads. We are given the time and the date. The next couple of pages caught me off guard about as much as anything in a book ever has. There are few other words, but it doesn’t matter because then the lily pads start flying and the frogs fly around all night committing acts of mischief.

They chase a dog. They watch television and eat snacks with an old woman. They run into a tree and lily pads are scattered all over the street. The story (almost) ends with a flatfoot PI in a trench coat  investigating the lily pads all over the road the following morning.

I can’t tell you what happens next. Tuesday is an utterly charming book that I think I liked even more than my son did. The art is wonderful and the idea is so funny that it makes me want to shake Wiesner’s hand.

If you’ve got kids who are at picture book age,, see if you can find this one.