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Who Wrote Moby Dick?


Click for Moby Dick by Herman Melville

Breaking out the notebook of library questions I have not yet answered on the blog. Who wrote Moby Dick? is next in line.

Herman Melville wrote Moby Dick.

It’s a very strange book, and doesn’t exactly (or only, maybe) tell the story that most people think it does: that of Captain Ahab chasing a white whale.

I love Moby. If you try it and you’re getting bogged down by all the whaling stuff and the early scenes with Ishmael and Queequeg, I’d suggest skipping ahead until you meet Ahab. Read some of his speeches/sermons/rants. He’s a wonderful character, one of my favorites, and the judge from Blood Meridian reminds me of him in many ways.

If you’re a seafaring sort of literary wanderer, I’d also recommend In the Heart of the Sea. It’s about the whaling disaster that Moby Dick was based on.


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