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What Books Are Free on Kindle?


Amazon Kindle, my favorite toy.

The answer to the question what books are free on the amazon Kindle just got a lot bigger. I’ve written three posts that I would like to point you to if you read compulsively like your truly, but you just can’t buy every book you want to read.

And of course, you have a Kindle, or are thinking of getting one.

The first post is a list of free Kindle books. My idea originally was to list every free book I could find. That immediately proved way too cumbersome, as there were a lot more books than I had anticipated. I would steer you to the comments in that post, where other readers made a lot of helpful suggestions that I wasn’t aware of.

The second post is How to borrow library books for the Kindle? My library just got this feature, and it is going to change the way I read, and probably the way I work, for that matter!

And number three: How to loan a Kindle book.

If you’ve got questions after those posts, please let me know.

Happy reading.

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