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The Blood Meridian Analysis Has Begun Early–I am relatively unrepentant

Hey everyone, I have been called out as a traitor and a treacherous fiend. I am indeed guilty. A couple of days ago I told you all that I’d start our Blood Meridian analysis on Dunce Academy on October 1. But then I started reading it, and Spencer started reading, and I started it a few days early. Four, I think.

If you can get over my mendacious ways–Gustavo from Frugal Science may not be able to, he is gnashing his teeth down to raw nubs in the comments–come on over and jump in.

I’d recommend starting here:

Suggestions For Reading Blood Meridian

And then read my first post on Chapter One of Blood Meridian



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  • Gustavo| Frugal Science September 27, 2011, 8:05 am

    As Mark Twain would have stated, I think you are exaggerating a bit. There is no way I would have called all those things at someone as generous and kind, especially if is almost 7 feet tall. By the way, do you feel a bit identified with The Judge? (So far, it has being difficult for me to identify myself with any of the characters. They all seem to have spent some time at the Arkham Asylum).

    • Josh Hanagarne September 27, 2011, 8:12 am

      Gustavo, I gave you a link, so I’m allowed to exaggerate.

      As to me and the judge? NO, except maybe in height, and I do wish that I could speak every language, as you’ll see that he can. It is my sincere hope that you don’t identify with anyone in the novel.