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A Quick Heads Up For Horror in October – Blood Meridian Analysis

As you may know, in October I dedicate this blog to posts of nothing but horror. Short stories, novels, movies, legends, et cetera and et cetera amen. This year I’m going to focus primarily on short horror stories here on WSL.

But I’m going to also be working on something on Dunce Academy in October that I’m excited about. And you are invited. You’ve all heard me rave about Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian without ever really saying much about it. I can’t review the book. It’s just not that sort of book.

What I can do, however, and what I’m going to do with my co-author Spencer Throssell on Dunce Academy, is to do a chapter-by-chapter reading and discussion. This will be the 10th time I’ve read the book. It will be the first time Spencer has read it, for which I envy him.

We’ll each read a chapter, then we’ll each write whatever we have to say about that chapter. Maybe it will be intellectual, maybe it will be “Huh?,” but it’s going to be fun, I know that.

If you’ve read Blood Meridian, or you’ve been meaning to, or you would just like to discuss it for a while, please subscribe to DA’s RSS feed or by email so you’ll know when we get going. We’d love to have you in the discussion!

I consider BM the ultimate horror novel, among other things, and can’t wait to finally give it a really, really close reading.

You’ve got time to grab the book and read at least the first chapter by October 1! Go go go!



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  • Boris September 23, 2011, 10:07 pm

    Good book!