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What Is A Kettlebell?

I was in a Dick’s Sporting Goods store not too long ago, looking for some lifting chalk. I walked through the weights section, because I don’t know how not to. Suddenly! A salesman appeared at my arm and said “I know what you’re thinking…What is a kettlebell? What in the world are these things?”

He proceeded to tell me that they were “Brutal,” “Effective,” “Cutting edge,” “safe,” “The next big thing,” and many other terms of endearment. I didn’t tell him I had been an instructor.

He seemed genuinely excited and I suspected that he might even use the things. It was pretty fun to hear him rant and rave about them.

If you have the same question as he thought I did, the link at the end of this very sentence will take you to my big long treatise on my experience with the Russian kettlebell.

If you would rather check it out here than over in that longer article, here’s a quick video of a kettlebell workout that I had the misfortune of performing once.

If you have any questions about strength training with these fabulous little tools, please let me know. I love to talk about this stuff.


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