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Sara Gruen Books, With Reviews To Come


Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen

I had never heard of Sara Gruen before seeing a copy of Water For Elephants come across my desk at work. I’m a sucker for the circus, having grown up with Something Wicked This Way Comes and graduating later to weirdness like Geek Love. So I grabbed it.

I read it over the next 30 hours or so and loved every page, even though I knew there was something slightly silly about the whole thing. But who cares? It read good, it felt good, so I’m going to just chalk it up as good.

I had no idea she’d written other books. I haven’t read them, although I’m about to start Ape House, the fourth of the Sara Gruen books.

This page will serve as my Gruen headquarters, and I’ll add reviews to these books as I read them.

Sara Gruen books in order of publication

Riding Lessons

Flying Changes

Water For elephants

I haven’t seen the movie and don’t know if I will. The book, however, is wonderful. It’s a story about a boy who joins a circus after his parents die unexpectedly. While on the road with the big top he falls in love…with the maniacal ringmaster’s wife. Bad news.

But there’s also an endearing elephant, a colorful cast of characters, and while I have no idea if the whole thing is actually authentic, it felt authentic to me.

Ape House

I’ll be back soon with a review.


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