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Ideas For A Homemade Pull Up Bar

There are few exercises I enjoy more than the simple pull up. You do not really need anything more than something to hold onto, and the ability to pull. I’ve been doing some looking around for various ideas for a homemade pull up bar, and this video below is one of the best I’ve found:

I’m not a very handy person and was relieved to see that most of these ideas seem like things I could handle.

Of course, I train alone and at home whenever possible, so I will think nothing of drilling eye bolts into my rafters. I’m going to try and get some gymnastics rings for neutral grip chines set up in my carport, which has a very high ceiling.

I have tried the door-mount pullup bars in the past, and they just don’t work for me at my height and weight. No matter how securely I’m able to fasten them in, the doorways just are not high enough for me to straighten my legs out.

There’s nothing wrong with doing pull ups with your legs bent, even out at 90 degrees like I have to, but I don’t prefer it. I also have an old used Gold’s Gym power tower that has a split bar at the top. The handles are quite thin, but not awful. However, I don’t enjoy the split bar for pullups. Not sure why.

I will say this–once I was able to knock out 10 easy ones on a split setup, I was hitting between 14-16 on a straight bar with a narrow grip.

One final word of encouragement to try and get you pulling–once you can do a dozen pullups, you feel strong. If you take a walk aroung a commercial gym the chances of you catching someone knocking out high rep chins or pullups is slim.

You’ll be in the minority and I suspect you’ll enjoy it. There’s no downside to being strong, and strength training doesn’t have to be complicated. A person could get a lot done with some will and a diy pull up bar.



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