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Breathing Squats – 275 x 20

Breathing squats are a nasty bit of business. I talked about them a bit in the review of Stossen’s Super Squats, but today I want to give you a look at how they actually look.

Essentially, you choose a number of squats that you will accomplish in one set. 20 is a popular number, but there’s nothing magical about the number. The important part, according to any who swear by the breathing squat program, is that the weight is heavy and you do high reps.

One component that the more diehard advocates insist on is that you choose a weight you could squat 10 times, and then you do it 20 times.

How? That’s the breathing part. You take as many breaths as you need to in between reps so that you can “rest” before the next squat. It takes the man in the video some time to really start panting. I’ve read that 3-4 breaths, as deep as possible, should be taken in between reps.

I am curious to know if anyone has applied this with variations like Zercher squats, or front squats, and what the difficulty level is like in comparison.

I tried the program once, worked up to 175 x 20, and never did another high rep set of squats again. I’m a weenie as far as this is concerned.

An incredible challenge.


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