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Name Something People Do While Watching Fireworks

Firework sparkler

A sparkler - click for photo credit

Another Family Feud style post today, because we have been trying to decide whether to go to the fireworks this year. Name something people do while watching fireworks.

The year we got married, we were about six weeks away from our wedding on the fourth of July. We just forgot about it while in that crazy, newly-in-love phase.

Later we’d go and complain about the crowds. Once someone threw one of those snappers in the dark and it exploded against Janette’s finger. In fairness, I’ve seen Janette get injured during a parade by an errant piece of airborne candy.

Okay, back to the F. Feud question. Here’s how it works. I usually set a timer for about 30 seconds. Today I’m going to do 45. Then I try to answer the question with as many replies as I can.


  • Kiss
  • cheer
  • ooh and ahh
  • eat candy
  • wave sparklers
  • scratch the itches the grass is giving them
  • swat bugs
  • get drunk
  • cover their ears
  • Wonder why people bring their little dogs in purses (I have seen this twice. The dogs were terrified)

That’s it for today. Not my best effort. Not sure how I would have done on the show.


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