Book Review: Got Fight? by Forrest Griffin:

Guest post by Spencer Throssell

Have you ever read a book written by a celebrity and thought “the only reason this book got published is because this guy is rich/famous?”  Though I love the UFC, and like watching Forrest Griffin fight, I am sad to report that that is PRECISELY what has happened with these Forrest Griffin books.  And the fact that this particular book was ever on any best-seller list is enough to make me want to cry myself to sleep.

Want a glimpse of what reading this book was like?  Picture what a bunch of sex-crazed teenage boys in a locker room at a remedial high school could come up with in about five minutes.  Now picture something ten times worse than that.  Yeah, the experience was something like that.

Basically, the book is just a disorganized hodge-podge of his experiences growing up and getting into the UFC.  School fights, bar fights, street fights, other growing pain shenanigans.  Some random advice and so-called “zen principles.”  He, very briefly and I don’t know how helpfully, includes some grappling techniques and fighting techniques.  And even this brief description is making it sound better than it is.  The whole thing is poorly written, stupid, crass, and at times using language so foul and crude that I was offended.  And that’s unusual.

I have heard Forrest talk.  I have seen him interview.  He went to college and was a police officer.  “Yes,” you say, “but he is a professional MMA fighter.  He has probably been punched and kicked in the head about 5 million times.”  I don’t care.  His editor isn’t an MMA fighter.  His publisher isn’t either.  Sure, they both deserve to be punched and kicked in the head for letting this book come out in the condition it did.  But they are not.  So what is their excuse?

Maybe you are surprised at my disappointment.  I don’t know why I let my expectations get so high.  Maybe I should have known better.  I think my overall take away sentiment is disappointment.  I feel let down.  Because I feel like the idea had merit, but the execution was sloppy, careless, and half-hearted.  If Forrest fought like he writes, I wouldn’t even watch his fights.  I guess I’m just upset he didn’t put even a fraction of that heart and drive into his book.

I still think he is a nice guy with a great personality.  And heart.  But come on, man.  I’ve said it of others, and I’ll say it again here.  Just because you can get a book published, doesn’t mean you should

I am in the middle of reading his next one (maybe I am just a glutton for punishment); hopefully there will be some improvement…

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