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80 Kg Kettlebell Clean and Press

I never get tired of watching Rob Russell lift. Rob’s a gigantic strongman based in the UK and he’s the first thing that comes to mind when I think of impressive kettlebell lifts. He’s a brute strength type of guy.

Take a look at this kettlebell clean and press with an 80 kg kettlebell:

It’s not a strict press, but who cares? Most people would not even be able to support that much weight overhead with one hand, and many could not even clean it off the ground. I could clean it, but there’s no way I could get it overhead right now by any means, unless maybe I grabbed it with the other hand and did some horrible mess of a jerk.

As far as how to clean and press a kettlebell, it’s simple. Put it in the rack (the clean) and put it overhead (the press). Strict or military presses have as little momentum as possible, and no leg drive.

A push press uses a shallow dip with the legs to drive the bell overhead to lockout. This is a great way to start working on getting a bell overhead that can’t be pressed strictly yet.

The jerk is a press without pressing, if that makes any sense. You drive the bell up with your legs, but rather than following it and pressing it out, you drop under it, landing with a locked elbow, and then stand up to complete the motion.

Note: I started all of these movements practicing with a 35 kilogram kettlebell. I don’t even know where you by these monsters Rob is always using in his strength training. They may be custom jobs.


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