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Crazy Kettlebell Video – 200 lb bell Jerked for Seven Reps

The kettlebell jerk is one of my favorite lifts. When I’m focusing on long cycle I do it heavy, I do it fast, and my muscle and endurance shoot up in ways that I just can’t find with other movements.

Well, there’s heavy and then there’s Heavy. This gentleman above is jerking a 200 lb kettlebell with one arm…and he does it seven times while making it look relatively easy.

I’m not sure how much he weighs but it can’t be that much. I do a lot of jerks, I usually weight between 245 and 250 lbs, and I can jerk a 48 kilo kettlebell (106 lbs) about three times before the rep quality gets awful and my face starts turning purple.

I can also jerk double 40kg bells for a few reps, but again, that is 176 lbs divided between two hands. 24 lbs less than what we’re seeing in the video above, several reps less, and with one hand!

Impressive stuff.


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