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One Arm Push Up Tutorial

rocky pushup

Rocky's one arm push up form has been criticized, but nobody dares to criticize his headband

Just in case any of you are here to get stronger and not just to hear me yakking about books all the time, the one arm push up is a fantastic movement that I’m absolutely horrible at. I worked up to a grand total of doing one shaky rep a couple of years (and about 20 lbs) ago.

I am not going to be the next Rocky or Jack Palance or GI Jane. Maybe you can do it and I can live vicariously through your glory.

But I do agree with just about everything this fit gentleman in the video below says.

It’s just like anything else. There are skills that have to be learned and practice. In this case, you’ll be breaking down the one arm pushup in to various components and strengthening them individually unless you are ready to jump right in and experiment with various leverages or negative reps.

Also, Bruce Lee could do this with a thumb and two fingers. Not I. Also * 2: I doubt that any of them got there with the Perfect Push Up apparatus, although it’s not bad.

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