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Perfect Push Up Review

perfect push up handles

Perfect Push up handles

The Perfect Push up Handles were one of those products I first saw on an infomercial, but unlike the Shake Weight and all of the Turbo______(insert some cool word like Jam) cardio programs, this seemed to make some sense at first glance.

As far as it being developed by Navy Seal technology, that’s all fine and good, but using these to do push ups no more makes you a Seal than using kettlebells makes you some sort of Russian special operative, regardless of what the marketing would have you believe.

The push up is not a movement that everyone can just drop and start doing. Physiology is messy and not everyone has the strength or flexibility in their wrists or chests or shoulder girdles to start repping out with textbook form.

But I didn’t do many pushups anyways, so I didn’t care. Moving on.

But my mother-in-law saw the same commercial, knew I loved to lift and work out, so she bought me the Perfect Pushup setup for Christmas a couple of years ago.

The good

  • Wrist extension is not great for me, so the traditional palms-down position of the pushup never felt great. With the handles, the grip can be adjusted in various ways–I prefer a straight neutral grip.
  • On the way down, the handles rotate. This can feel very good when things are tight in my shoulder girdle
  • It’s a high quality product, sturdy enough to hold me in the mid 250s, and the rubber sticks to the floor quite well, so you won’t be sliding all over
  • You really can get a deeper stretch in the pecs, if that is what you want, and if that is a good thing for you. Don’t assume it’s so.

The bad

  • There’s really nothing bad about it for me, but I still don’t love pushups
  • I do not believe in perfect form, only perfect form for each individual at that point in their life. The existence of this product states that there is a “best” way to do an exercise. That could be damaging to someone who doesn’t know their own limits

A solid product if you have any of the issues I’ve described here, or if you feel truly limited by the traditional push up.


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