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Strength Training Log – May 11, 2011

Tonight I wanted to do front squats, as usual, but they weren’t testing well. However, the ball of foot squat variation has been treating me very well.

It is exactly what it sounds like: from a neutral or staggered stance, you squat as low as you are able (or as low as you choose to) on the balls of your feet. It’s similar to the Hindu squat, but without the circular motion made by the arms, as shown below.

The main reason that I don’t do the arm circle is because it throws my balance off something crazy.

Tonight I knocked out 111 slow-but-steady reps in just over six minutes, while playing in the backyard with the boy. He didn’t want to do squats, but he did a lot of falling down, which I’ll call gymnastics for beginners. It looks like remedial tumbling.

A good night, if a brief training session.

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