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Strength Training Log – 5/9/11 Front Squats

I am not training for any specific sport right now, and there’s really no goal I am chasing, physically. So when I work out, my goal is simply to make my body grow and get stronger.

That means picking a big movement, choosing the weight I feel like lifting (according to testing), and moving it fast. I’ve been experimenting a lot more with speed lately.

I get better hypertrophy results when I am moving a lighter weight more quickly than when I am moving bigger weights more slowly, at lower reps. Although of course there are those days when I feel sassy and move a lot of heavy weight just because.

Last night it was barbell front squats, which have had a great payoff recently.

I hit 48 reps with 165 in just over 9 minutes. A big density PR. Short, quick, effective, feeling great.

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