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Book Review: The Beast Within

the beast within by Edward Levy

The Beast Within - Edward Levy

I was about 1/4 through Edward Levy’s The Beast Within when I realized I had already read it. But I couldn’t remember when. I’d guess that it was in Junior High or earlier. But it wasn’t the plot that reminded me–it was one simple line spoken by a wronged farmer.

How wronged was he? says you. Remember all of those old farmer’s daughter jokes? Well, that wronged, except substitute “farmer’s wife” for daughter and add a traveling salesman.

But after their dalliance the farmer lays down the law thusly: he holds the salesman captive in his farm’s cellar for a long, long time. Gradually the man becomes…The Beast Within!

Then he escapes and causes lots of havoc.

I can see why this book appealed to me as a youngin’. It has a few spicy moments that I’m sure set my teenage brain whirling. It has a few scares and a few gross out moments.

It hasn’t held up as well as I had hoped, however. Or I guess I should say, as I would have hoped if I had realized that it would be a second reading. Adequately written, a quick read, and not without its pleasures.

I did finish it again. As usual, when I start a book I have a hard time not finishing it if it a book with a narrative and not some dry science or philosophy book.

I doubt I will read it a third time, but I’m getting older and who knows what I’ll remember. Maybe I’ll start it again in a month and won’t recognize it at all.


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