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Book Review – The Onion: Our Front Pages

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The Onion - Our Front Pages

I’ve been reading The Onion for over 10 years now, every single day that I’ve had access to a computer or one  of the anthologies that they used to put out at the end of the year. I have said many times that the only thing I would enjoy more than getting paid to write for The Onion would be getting paid to read it.

A few days ago at the library I caught a glimpse of The Onion: Our Front Pages, 21 Years of Greatness, Virtue, and Moral Rectitude From America’s Finest News Source sitting on one of the carts. I checked the  Dewey number: .081. I still needed one of those for the Dewey Reading project. So I grabbed it, disappeared during my lunch break, and laughed my head off.

If you’re somehow not familiar with the publication, it is a pitch-perfect, often mean-spirited satirical newspaper that still does a pretty good job of letting readers know what is happening in the world. To really satirize something you have to understand it. Anyone can poke fun, but satire is a skill.

Nobody does it better. Their writers are absolutely brilliant.

Front Pages is a large hardback book that provides exactly what it says. Each page comprises the front page of one of the print issues. So you don’t get the full articles, just the teasers, but it’s still a big book because it spans the years 1988-2008.

If you’re reading this I imagine you’re already familiar with the publication. Even if that’s you, I think you’ll get a kick out of the book.

Who can resist the gold starbust on the cover that is embossed with the words “All-New Starburst on our cover?”

Not I.


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  • Megan Horton May 5, 2011, 8:13 am

    Josh is this a new book for them? If so I need to go out and get it! I love the Onion. NOTHING is funnier.