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Name Something Your Parents Would Criticize You For Not Having



Mother’s day is right around the corner. I’d been planning on ending the Family Feud questions posts, but then I saw this one and thought of dear old mom and all the times she said “You should” or “You shouldn’t.”

Today the question is: Name something your parents would criticize you for not having.

If this is the first of these posts that you  have read, I’ll be setting a timer for 30 seconds and trying to rattle off as many as I can. I usually stink, and 30 seconds is way more than contestants on the show get.


  • A job
  • A decent haircut
  • A seatbelt (on, I know this is reaching)
  • Self-respect
  • hygiene
  • Oil in the car
  • Gas in the car
  • work ethic
  • confidence (not that criticism would help)
  • goals
  • ambition

Argh….ran to about 60 seconds. Happy mother’s day, mom.


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