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Mike Mahler Snatching a 56kg kettlebell (that’s heavy)

I first heard of Mike Mahler when I was very new to the kettlebell scene. I was just starting to poke around on Dragondoor’s forum and his name came up occasionally. And of course it was tough to search for kettlebell videos on Youtube without running into him.

As you can see in the video above, he’s no slouch. A very strong man, and one of the first to really get me interested in doing doubles work (working with two bells at once).

Mike was one of the uppers in the RKC leadership back when the Steves (Cotter and Maxwell) were there as well. Every time there’s any sort of exodus from the RKC a fair amount of hysteria is generated on the forum, so if you’re looking for an entertaining way to waste some time, it can be fun to jump on Google and read people fussing about the traitors.

Unsurprisingly, most of the people doing the complaining aren’t as strong as Mike Mahler. Very few keyboard warriors are out there snatching 56kg kettlebells.


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