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The RKC Kettlebell – Still The Best

rkc kettlebells

A happily little family of RKC Russian Kettlebells

If you take a look at my post about Russian kettlebells, you’ll see that I’ve been training with them for over three years now. I still love it. I’m sure I always will. At this point I have also tried most brands. And although I am no longer affiliated with the company Dragon Door, their bells–specifically, the RKC kettlebell, is still my favorite.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again: you can make progress with any weight that has to obey gravity. This applies to the Apollo, Lifeline, Ader, Agatsu, Muscledriver, and Perform Better Brands. I have used them all and I have used them all to get stronger.

But the Dragondoors are still my favorite. It’s hard to explain the subtle differences until you’ve actually tried a few different makes.

I like the coating.

I like the thickness of the handle.

I like the color–this is trivial, but it’s still true.

I like the distance between the handle and the body of the bell.

I like the width of the handle.

I like the balance during movements like the snatch and military press.

If you haven’t ever tried one, I recommend it if you get the chance. It may not change your world…but maybe it will, who knows?

A word of, if not exactly warning, then of get-ready-for this: they’re not cheap. They aren’t cheap and the shipping isn’t either. I’m still going to eventually replace my entire set with this brand, because they are my favorite.

If you can’t buy one, see if you can track down someone in the area who has one that you could try. Lots of Crossfit Gyms carry kbs, and I’ve seen some pretty rag-tag assortments of brands.



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