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The Best Kettlebell Workout (for me)

russian kettlebell

the best kettlebell workouts could be different for each of us

Anytime anyone asks what the best workout is, whether they’re wondering about the best kettlebell workout, strongman, bodyweight, or anything else, I always say “it depends.”

That doesn’t mean I’m an expert in any of those things, but I know enough to know that there just can’t be one absolute answer, despite what Muscle & Fitness would have us believe.

It depends on goals. If your goal is to get better at deadlifting and the single-most important thing to you is that your one rep max goes up, the best workout will probably not be to swing battle ropes or run a marathon.

If your goal is to compete in Girevoy sport and hit your master of sports ranking in long cycle, I would suggest that the best kb workout for you is going to be the one that gets you closer to that goal. And if you’re a GS competitor you’re going to want the best kettlebells for competitions.

But what if we don’t have specific goals? What if we just want to “feel good” and “look better.” First of all, those are still pretty specific goals that can be broken down into various numbers and components, but what if all we want to do is look better and have some fun while we exercise?

Just something to think about. But I do want to give you my personal favorite Russian kettlebell workout. It demands some creativity, which is what keeps it fun. I usually do it on days when I just want to get some work done but am not in the mood for any structure.

I get every kettlebell I can find in the gym. The lightest we have is an 8 kilo bell, and the heaviest is my 48kg beast.

I put them all out on the gym floor in rows. I set a timer and I start at the lightest bell. The only rule is that I have to find something to do with every single one for as long as I decide to work out for.

For instance, I’m not going to start out deadlifting the 8kg bell, but I might do some really fast push pressing or snatching with it.

By the time I get to the 48kg bell, I might not have the energy to press it anymore, but maybe deadlifting only 106 pounds would feel like a nice rest.

Sometimes I hold them in the rack.

I squat, juggle, swing, or just perform a few getups. I move on as soon as I start slowing down or feeling more tense than I want to.

You can create an amazing amount of variety with a workout like this, and it is a way to get a lot down in a very short time.

If you’re looking for something new and you’ve got a bunch of the best kettlebells lying around, give it a try and have some fun with it. And keep a workout log book so you can see the numbers rise as you improve.



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