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Book Review: The Keep

the keep cover

The Keep by Paul F. Wilson

I think I speak for just about everyone when I say “I love to see the Nazis getting theirs.” What’s better than seeing justified comeuppance for monsters? Especially if it is delivered by monsters, as is the case in Paul Wilson’s horror novel The Keep.

It starts fast and picks up speed from there. An ambitious member of the SS gets a letter to come to a remote outpost to deal with a situation. The situation is this:

Something is murdering my men, send help

The man requesting the help just happens to be a rival of the guy climbing the SS ladder, so this makes the deal even sweeter. He’ll just go up there and do what his rival was not able to.


As it turns out, there are dark, dank forces at work in the keep where they are stationed. Something has been awakened and there’s only one way to put it back. Enter a mysterious guy with red hair who spends a good deal of the book trying to get to the keep.n

There’s also a Jewish folklore expert who gets called in to act as an adviser and get belittled and abused by all the Germans. He’s the one who helps get to the bottom of the…but no! I’ve said too much!

The Keep is a fun, quick read that anyone who likes horror, revenge, or who loved Inglorious Basterds will find something enjoyable in.


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