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Name A Reason Your Eyes Might Water

waterying eye - image credit WebMDMore Family Feud nonsense today. The current question is Name a reason why your eyes might water. And every single time I do one of these I think it’s going to be really easy.

I start a timer, I give myself one minute, and I start typing. This is, of course, way more generous than the time the contestants get. They often freeze up and forget everything or just blurt out absurdities. I’m usually finding myself in the same boat.

Okay, setting the timer.


  • You’re cooking or cutting onions
  • you’re sad
  • you’re crying
  • You’ve been reading sad books
  • you have welder’s flash
  • you looked into the sun
  • you are sitting by a campfire and the wind’s not cooperating
  • you didn’t get enough sleep
  • you are yawning
  • you were in chemistry class and you got the business end of a bubbling beaker

And…no so hot.


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  • Spencer April 27, 2011, 3:47 pm

    Your dog died.

    Your girlfriend dumped you.

    Your girlfriend DIDN’T dump you.

    Sad movie.

    Sad commercial.

    Sad song.

    Sad performance on Family Feud…