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Book Review: Lightning

lightning by dean koontz

Lightning book cover

I’ve had some good times with Dean Koontz’ books, and when I was reading them, Lightning was the only one I loved as much as Watchers.

At the time I was also pretty interested in time travel, adventure stories with Nazis in them, and Getting The Girl. Lightning had them all in varying degrees.

When the story starts, Laura Shane is in trouble. This happens to her frequently. But thankfully, every time she gets in a jam, lightning streaks across the sky and a blond guy shows up to save her.

Where oh where, could this guardian angel be coming from. Or….when? Oh brother, that sent chills up my spine back when I was a lad.

And speaking of, I had no idea back then of how goofy Koontz’ love scenes were. They were hot stuff for my little brain, and there were a few pretty steamy passages in Lightning.

Sadly, these don’t hold up as well in adulthood, but I’ve got nothing but affection for Mr. K and these thrillers. My grandmother had every single one on her shelves, and every time it rained I would run next door to her house and we’d read. Twilight Eyes scared the crap out of me, Whispers made me never want to see another cockroach as long as I lived, but there were few that I loved as much as this one.

If you’re a Koontz fan I believe this is one of his best.



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