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Name Something People Like To Listen to Music While Doing

music notes

I was hearing these same notes as I wrote this post - thanks Pantera

Okay, yesterday I did pretty well with Name something that almost every bride wants at her wedding. We’ll see if it lasts today.

Today’s Family Feud question is:

Name something people like to listen to music while doing. Ready, set, deer in the headlights:

  • Wash dishes
  • homework
  • studying
  • getting it on (must be said in a Barry White voice)
  • cleaning
  • yardwork
  • writing
  • typing
  • Writing World’s Strongest Librarian (I’m currently listening to Pantera’s cover of Cat Scratch Fever)
  • lift weights
  • running
  • karaoke

And that’s all I’ve got. I suck at this game.


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