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Jim Wendler Squatting 525 for reps

One of the nicest things for me is when I find a lifter who is crazy strong and can speak articulately about their lifting. Jim Wendler is obviously strong, and this video of his massive squatting doesn’t pay tribute to all of the other massive numbers he has racked up.

But he is also a fantastic writer and his articles always have something in them that make me laugh. His “Blood and Chalk” series over on T Nation is, in my opinion, the most worthwhile part of the site.

But the best things I have ever heard him say (or that I have read) have to do with his philosophies of life. Which, as most lifters can tell you, bleed over from the philosophies of how we each train. The weight room can be a powerful instructor.

In a nutshell:

  • Forget everyone else’s expectations
  • Do interesting things and you’ll stay curious and passionate
  • Don’t waste your life
  • Do what makes you happy
  • Keep good friends around

Good enough for me. And in case you haven’t watched the video again, let me repeat: Jim is really strong.



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