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Pood Conversions for Kettlebell Fanatics

If you use Russian kettlebells, or you are interested in getting started, you are eventually going to run into the word “pood.” It sounds like a nasty name you’d call someone after they insulted your mother, but it’s actually just a measurement of weight.

Today I’m going to give those curious kb lifters among you a quick pood to pounds to kilograms conversion chart so you know just what you’re getting into, resistance-wise:

  • a quarter (1/4) pood is equivalent to 8.8 lbs or 4 kilograms
  • a half pood is equivalent to 17.6 lbs or  8 kilograms
  • a three-quarter pood is equivalent to 26.5 lbs or 12 kilograms
  • one pood is equal to a 35 lb kettlebell or 16 kilograms
  • And so on and upwards until you hit the truly monstrous implements weighing as much as 5 poods or above

If you’re looking to do quick calculations on the fly, just round up and say that a 1/4 pood weight converts to 9 lbs.

Swing away.


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