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Name A Magazine You See At Supermarket Checkout Stands


where I get all my celebrity news, like it or not

Another day, another day that I heard a Family Feud question that I wonder if I could have answered better. This time the stymied contestants ran into “Name a magazine you see at supermarket checkout stands.”

This is in fact a question that is near and dear to my sense of annoyance. It is from these very magazine covers that I get all of my celebrity news. There is no way around it. If you shop, you will learn what STDs all the glamorous people have, or who is dating who, or what is going on in All My Children thanks to Soap Opera Digest.

But now I’m getting ahead of myself. Okay, today’s mental exercise of memory and recall is to picture the magazines I saw last few times I was in Fresh Values or a convenience store. Here goes:

  • Cosmo
  • People
  • Us Weekly
  • Maxim
  • National Enquirer
  • World Weekly News (did I get the order wrong?)
  • National Geographic
  • Tattoo
  • Time
  • Newsweek
  • Redbook
  • O
  • Muscle and Fitness

Crap, this was harder than I thought. I know there are more of them, but I can’t bring them up to the surface on the spot. Maybe I’d be a terrible contestant.

But that still wouldn’t be as terrible as many of the these magazines.


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