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There’s Something About Mary — No, at least 21 things

A dear friend of mine is going through something awful. Instead of sending a card I wanted to rave about her publicly, because there is no guarantee that she would be able to read my handwriting.

Mary, these are all of my best memories of you, the best things you have taught me, and inside jokes that you might have already forgotten.

  • “More Red and gold, please”
  • Your smile
  • The laugh
  • Your total inability to play politics
  • “What the hell was I thinking, stepping between two massive men who were about to go into combat?”
  • How freaked out you were when I made your back feel better
  • Your disdain for self help literature
  • The Foreigner story
  • “This is records management. I know my rights.”
  • You know more about cars than me
  • Your business skills
  • Curious about all the right things
  • You fight when it’s appropriate
  • You see the good in people, even when they’re trying their damnedest not to show it to you
  • Commitment to the library
  • You are disgusted by dishonesty
  • You are scary smart
  • Best manager I’ve ever had
  • An even better friend
  • The story about beer and breastfeeding
  • You are the only person who has ever told me I look better with facial hair
  • Nursing shots, guzzling from bottles

I love you, boss.

Feel better.


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