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The Librarian and The Lawyer Fantasy Book Discussion: An overview of the genre, the problems with breastfeeding a dragon, lots of book recommendations, and why capes are unsuitable in 7-11

game of thrones martinHey you, welcome to today’s festival: I can’t think of how to combine the terms, so I’m calling it both nerdfest and cowlfest.

This is part 2 of The Librarian and The Lawyer book discussions. In the introduction we took a look at how we each started reading, and what role the book and reading played in our homes when we were children.

Today is way better. We talked for nearly 50 minutes about fantasy books, which was the genre we each headed to in our early teen years. Neither one of us ever left completely, as you’ll see.

If you only listen to one post today about the dangers inherent in nursing a dragon, the sublime butchery of Howard’s Conan stories, Terry Goodkind’s author photos, “boy books,” and a book series in which a Christlike figure is cast in the role of professional torturer, make it this one.

Fantasy book discussion

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