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Name Something People Try To Get Out Of


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All right, a lazy Sunday morning and another Family Feud inspired post. Or rather, another post inspired by how badly many people seem to perform on the show, and my own curiosity about whether being put on the spot would absolutely wreck me if I was up there under the bright lights with my family depending on my answer.

This is not a question I expect to be interesting to anyone else, so don’t feel badly if you’re rolling your eyes and thinking, “This is really stupid.”

Stupid or not, here goes. My stab at trying to name something people try to get out of. Hopefully I’ll do better than I did in the name a vegetable you would never make juice out of post.

People try to get out of:

  • jail
  • a trip to the dentist
  • debt
  • bad marriages
  • boring marriages
  • control (?) sorry, just typing fast
  • bounds
  • trouble
  • the Gulag
  • work
  • responsibility
  • a car that they suddenly got too fat to escape from
  • a collapsed igloo

And…I’ve got nothing left. A semi-respectable showing, perhaps.


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